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Groovyyurts offers authentic Mongolian yurts (gers) to North America for sale or rental, private & corporate.
Fortress Yurts provides the original yurt design with real windows. Often imitated, never duplicated!
We didn’t start out to make the world’s finest yurts. We started in fabric - tents to be specific, in 1896 to be exact.
We are a yurt producer located in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia. We export our original Mongolian yurts to the USA.
Craftsmanship and Customer Service. That’s really what it’s all about.
Pacific Yurts Inc. 77456 Hwy 99 South Cottage Grove, Oregon 97424 USA
Affordable portable yurts made with 95% Eco friendly materials
We are a yurt producer located in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia. We export our original Mongolian yurts to the USA.
We build Yurts, Geodesic Domes, Greenhouse kits and Compost Toilets, to enjoy the great outdoors.
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Mongol Ger/Yurt-NEW-$5900
Mongol Ger/Yurt-NEW-$5900

These yurts (gers) are designed to be easy to take apart, transport, and reconstruct. Despite this portability, they are warm enough to keep the coldest winter temperatures at bay and strong enough to withstand strong winds and the demands of a whole family.


The rafters, crown, door, and central columns (pillars) of this yurt are hand painted with traditional decorative patterns. This traditional Mongolian yurt (ger) has 5 wall panels, come to roughly 19’ (5.8m), 284 sq ft (26.4 sq.m)

Yurt is a circular structure built using a wooden, accordion frame that can be easily taken down, made compact for carrying, and reassembled. On this frame are placed layers of felt, traditionally made from sheep’s wool, and an outer layer of waterproof canvas. The felt and canvas are secured to the wooden frame and can stand securely in one place for months or even years at a time.


Asking for $5,900. Pick up in Washington DC. I do not offer assembly. Delivery can be arranged for extra. 

14ft new yurt on sale
14ft new yurt on sale
Ring: 150cm dia, 8cm thickness made from sanded solid wood with wood oil treated
Door: Steel door with wooden frame
Cable: 0.5cm dia 301 stainless steel with plastic cover
Rafters: 5x10cm sanded solid wood with wood oil treated
Dome: clear Acrylic dome
Windows: standard model with two big windows with mesh layer, clear pvc and outer curtain.
Roof fabric: 530gsm PVC
Wall fabric: 530gsm PVC

Feel free to contact me at

5 wall Ger $5000 AUS
5 wall Ger $5000 AUS

19 ft diameter 5 wall Ger made in traditional style 

Cotton layer for ceiling

9mm wool felt

24oz green heavy canvas

12 oz white decorative  cover  with color ribbon design of your choice

 Door  and rafters colour of your choice

Timber flap windows can be added for extra fee

Waterproof crown windows 

Hand made replica horse hair ropes made from hemp

5ft walls to 8ft ceiling

12ft Diameter 3 wall Ger $3000 AUS

16ft Dianeter  4 wall Ger $4000 AUS

Extra Windows  $250 AUS each

Made to order allow 6-8weeks

Face book page:  Beech Mountain Yurts and Tipis

New Yurt sale
New Yurt sale

Our Best Yurt

Very very quality and design yurt. Your best extra home.

phone:+1 646 8547 511

thank you 

New 10.5 Geo Yurt $750
New 10.5 Geo Yurt $750

New -Lodge-Tech 10.5 ft diameter, 9.5 ft high, DIY $750, you cut and drill 25 2x4's, Reg Yurt 10.5 $1,050 we supply the 2x4's,  Both include, upper vents, 1 screened window, 2 clear windows, 1 skylight, vinyl door, 1/8 or 1/4 inch thick galvanized steel hubs, 18oz vinyl cover-which can be painted to last far longer, Extra options available, Made in USA can ship anywhere. These are vastly stronger than regular type yurts, can handle 2ft of snow,  most of which slides off by itself, -can put a woodstove inside $80 option, and insulation paks $200, with a liner available for $375, (24ft Dia Dome $3600)-See website at




NEW unused 12ft diameter "sparrow" yurt from Rainier Industries $4,500
NEW unused 12ft diameter "sparrow" yurt from Rainier Industries $4,500

discount for cash in hand.
accepts credit cards.

NEW unused 12ft diameter "sparrow" yurt from Rainier Industries

• All pieces are in crate (unpacked, unused)
• Hand crafted douglas fir frame and door with full light plexiglass window
• 113 square feet interior
• Precision cut multi-layered ring
• 1" x 2" perimeter wall posts for rafter support
• 19 oz. roof vinyl (the same roof fabric offered on premium Eagle model)
• 15 oz. vinyl laminated polyester wall fabric- Oatmeal color
• Raven style short windows with 20 mil clear vinyl
• Roof insulation with liner
• Wall insulation with liner
• Stainless steel and aluminum hardware
• A durable acrylic roof dome
• One person assembly
• Compact and transportable
• Semi-permanent or temporary installation with or without deck
• Crate dimensions are 39" x 42" x 96"
• The crate is heavy!

Nomad Shelter, Inc.
Nomad Shelter, Inc.

We would like to invite you to compare strength, quality and value as you choose your yurt manufacturer. We are certain that you will agree, Nomad Shelter yurts are the strongest, warmest and most durable yurts available. That’s our mission. We don’t make a light duty yurt. It wouldn’t be safe, given our market.

Alaskan owners and founders, Lee and Jess Tenhoff, have lived and worked in their yurts continually since 1987. The design reflects that close connection with the yurts and their experience adapting to some of the most challengingly extreme environments on the planet. The Alaskan Yurt design has evolved from the Tenhoffs direct experience. The warmth and strength is in the details. Details discovered through years of use.

this yurt has been sold
this yurt has been sold

New in factory packaging . purchased in 2011, stored inside, in factory pakaging. tall wall upgrade, French entry doors, single rear entry door, venting skylight with bugscreen, extra windows, extra duty grey roof, blue wall- no isulation (its California)  $14,000-

  Jeff @ 

(408) 242-1631


WeatherPort Yurts
WeatherPort Yurts