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Sweet New 20ft Yurt!! Pocatello, Idaho $16,500
Created 2018-01-25
Title Sweet New 20ft Yurt!! Pocatello, Idaho $16,500

About the Ski Hill Yurt 

We have a brand new 20' Yurt - finished in November 2017. It is set up on a 20' round, insulated platform, just east of Pocatello, Idaho - 15 min from I-15. We are Renting it from now until spring when we will be putting it up for sale with the understanding that it cannot be moved (due to snow) until April-ish. Below you will see details. Please send a text or email message with questions, if you want more details or if you want to discuss plans for you to own this yurt.

We built this Tiny House Yurt for our sister. She planned to rent her home, allowing her some freedom to travel and live in this yurt while doing so. Her plan was to blog about the adventure of hiking, and skiing into her yurt home. Part way through the construction she began dating a really great guy and the short version is she no longer needs a yurt! We don't need it, so we are going to sell it. It's brand new!

The yurt is located at the far corner of our 5 acre property. There is a summer road but it is under snow now. The winter access is by snowshoe, skis, or snowmobile. We named it the Ski Hill Yurt because it overlooks the old Caribou Ski Resort. It will be ready to dismantle and move in the spring. 

The Ski Hill Yurt is the modern version with same basic pattern and design as traditional Mongolian yurts. It has a 20' diameter, 6' walls with 9/16 x 1 7/16" lattice (this is heavier than a typical lattice, built to withstand strong wind). The lattice is put together with # 8 machine screws and nylon locking nuts. The rafters are 2 ¾" x 1 1/2 ". There are 56 rafters (more rafters = stronger roof to withstand a higher snow load). All the wood framing was planed to thickness, routered, sanded, and varnished with UV stable outdoor poly urethane. This protective coating has no stain and preserves the natural beauty of the knotty pine. There is a white muslin fabric liner and ½ " foam board insulation on walls and roof. There are 3 house-style vinyl widows with vertical sliders (low-e glass) and screens. The windows are set into solid wood frames and bolted into the lattice. The front door is a pre-hung steel door with full low-e glass cut down to fit the 6' wall. The walls and roof fabric were made commercially at Colorado Yurt Company. We are super pleased with the high quality of the fabric and the construction - all heat welded seams and a Duro-last (15 year warranty) fabric roof with rain diverter over the door. 

The roof ring is made from 2 layers of 1 ½" fir. 60" diameter round on the outside with the octagon shape on the inside. Above the ring is a crystal clear, heavy duty acrylic dome with a full opening package.

The deck is 20' diameter round, sheeted with ¾" OSB flooring with 3 coats of urethane on it. The frame is made from 2x6 beams with 4x4 posts placed on cinderblocks doug into the ground. There is 4" of fiberglass bat insulation inbetween the floor joists. It is all put together with 3" deck screws so it will be easy to dismantle and re-assemble. 

Inside there is a wood stove with clear glass in the door. It's plenty big for the space and feels awesome when it's really cold! The flue pipe is double wall stainless steel. Hearth is made from 2" x 12" bricks with a steel roofing panel for a backstop. The flue pipe is double wall stainless steel and goes through the wall between sections of lattice. We also added a high efficietcy propane wall-mounted heater unit which is clean, safe, and takes the edge off when you first walk into the yurt and there is no fire.

There is a kitchen area with countertop and shelves and a storage area with shelves behind a curtain. We ran a really simple electrical circuit for an overhead light, some lamps and outlets. 

Please check out our other yurt - the Caribou Yurt, at You can also check our feedback from happy Air B&B customers for reference. 

We are asking 16,500.00. 

We would love to hear from you. We can send more photos. Thanks, Lance & Cami

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