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Item details
Category Yurt Accessories
Composting Toilet System $910. Free Shipping
Created 2013-02-13
Owner Yurt Head
Promotion level None
Title Composting Toilet System $910. Free Shipping

This composting toilet is completely self-contained, and can safely be used in a yurt where traditional flush toilets are impractical, where there is no water or sewer service. This Composting Toilet is designed for the harshest of conditions, it will stand up to years of trouble free service.

Power Requirements 

24-Hour Solar Powered Ventilation Circulates fresh air in yurt, boat, cabin… Protects against mold, mildew and musty air. Moves over 800 cubic feet of air in an hour or 19200 cubic feet of air a day (3” model). More details.

No Water Needed!

Our toilet is called a dry toilet because it uses no water for flushing. That’s right! There is no plumbing to attach to our toilet.  More details.

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