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24ft Geodesic Dome
24ft Geodesic Dome


24ft Geodesic Dome, New, $3600 (non portable) 2x4 oiled  Doug fir struts, 1/4 inch thick steel hubs, 18oz Vinyl, 2 skylights, vinyl door, 4 clear windows, (huge windows available) 3 screened windows, top vents, these are Far stronger than regular type Yurts, 24 inch snowload, these can be insulated, with a woodstove, Free plans for Riser walls -to make it tall enough for a huge loft-with many options to choose from, these can be painted with elastomeric paint to last indefinitely, see more photos at  ~ A 12 ft Non portable Geo Yurt $1200,~ A 20ft Geo Dome $3000~ Made in USA, can fit in a pickup truck, can be shipped anywhere in US.

12ft Lodge-tech~Geo Yurt
12ft Lodge-tech~Geo Yurt
12ft Diameter Yurt, $1200 (non portable) 11 ft high, 15 panels,18oz vinyl, oiled 2x4 struts and 1/4" thick steel hubs.
Includes 2 Clear windows, 1 Screened window, 1 Skylight, upper vents, With other options available~

These are far stronger than a regular type Yurt, huge snowloads and windforce, Made in US, 20ft Dome $2800, 24ft Dome $3400

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