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Looking for a Yurt, that i can make payments on!
Looking for a Yurt, that i can make payments on! Used Yurts 2017-03-20

Hi there,

Im looking to buy a yurt that i can make payment arrangemtns on. Im a full time student and a single mom who is trying to get our homestead up and running. We just bought an acre of land. I am hoping to turn it into our homestead. Im willing to pay a little more in exchange for a payment arrangement.  I can provide proof of income and references whatever you would like.  I live in Northern California near the Oregon border and I am willing to travel.  Please know i am not looking for a handout, i am more than willing to pay a fair price, just will take me a little time. Thank you so much for understanding!

Posted: 2017-03-20
24 ft. Yurt for Sale - gently used - 1 year for airbnb.
24 ft. Yurt for Sale - gently used - 1 year for airbnb. Used Yurts 2017-03-15

24 Ft. Pacific Yurt for Sale - Glamping at it's finest!

452 Sq. Ft. Structure only - $20K - ready to be relocated to your property.

OR Yurt can be purchased on the Land in Point Roberts WA - $59K

 9,583 sq. ft. - .22 acres

County requires a small home to be built on site in order to keep the Yurt and all other structures:

Must be 200 sq.ft. (or more). Must have small kitchen, bathroom, concrete foundation and septic.

Yurt is gently used, excellent condition, many extras make it great value.

Wired for electricity, plumbed, propane fireplace, snow and wind kit.

Sturdy beam platform, plywood and laminate flooring, 450 sq.ft.wrap-around cedar deck with 2 sets of stairs.

French double doors, and windowed door, both with covered entries.

Curved glass opening window, 3 other windows. Dome comes with euro dome lifter.

Cedar sided bathhouse (large tiled shower, sink, Envirolet composting toilet).

Take down assistance. Relocated by you. 

Multi-Purpose - vacation home, guest house, office, workout/yoga studio, playroom for photos and info


Posted: 2017-03-15
30ft Colorado Yurt on 14+ acres w/ barn, stream and more!
30ft Colorado Yurt on 14+ acres w/ barn, stream and more! Used Yurts 2017-02-16

30ft Colorado Yurt on 40 x 40 deck with 2-story 16 x 20 stick built addition on about 14.5 mostly-wooded acres. 24 x 32 wood barn with water and electric. Some fencing. Spring-fed creek. Chicken coop, shed, organic garden, fruit trees, herbs, flowers, and lots of wildlife! 15 minutes to Rocky Mount. 35-40 minutes of Floyd. 45 minutes to Roanoke. 6-7 miles to the Blue Ridge Parkway and 15-20 minutes to Philpott Lake. Ready to move in full-time home or private getway in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mtns!

I am the homeowner, including a link for pictures:

Posted: 2017-02-16
26 Yurt frame
26 Yurt frame Used Yurts 2017-02-05

Yurt with 6'-1" Solid wood Door including a screen door. I have recently sewed an 18 ounce cotton canvas for the roof, and I do not have the canvas for the sides.

This Yurt is currently packed away.

5,000 USD 

Price negotionable and trades for Blue Water Sailboat will be considered.

If anyone has questions about building a Yurt, give me a call, I enjoy teaching the construciton of Yurts.

Thank You,



Posted: 2017-02-05
Mongolian 19FT Yurt, 5 walls
Mongolian 19FT Yurt, 5 walls New Yurts - SunTime Yurts 2017-01-05

These brand new Mongolian yurts (gers) are designed to be easy to take apart, transport, and reconstruct. Despite this portability, they are warm enough to keep the coldest winter temperatures at bay and strong enough to withstand strog winds and the demands of a whole family. 

The rafters, crown, door, and central columns (pillars) of this yurt are hand painted with traditional decorative patterns. This traditional Mongoliain yurt has 5 wall panels, come to roughly 19" (5.8m), and 284 sq. ft (26.4 sq.m)


Yurt is a circular structure built using a wooden, accorion frame that can be easily taken down, made compact for carrying, and reassembled. On this frame layers of felt are placed, traditionally made from sheep's wool, and an outer layer of waterproof canvas. The felt and canvas are secured to the wooden frame and can stand securely in one place for years. 

Posted: 2017-01-05
Looking for Used 16 - 20 foot Yurt near California
Looking for Used 16 - 20 foot Yurt near California Used Yurts 2017-01-02

Hi, I'm in California and will travel a few states away to come get it. Let me know what you have. 

Thank you,


Posted: 2017-01-02
Yurt wanted
Yurt wanted Used Yurts 2016-12-13

I am looking for a 16-20' yurt in good condition. I am located in Ontario Canada. Thanks

Posted: 2016-12-13
WANTED: 20-24 ft Yurt
WANTED: 20-24 ft Yurt Used Yurts 2016-12-12

I am in search of a 20' - 24' yurt. I am in Utah and am willing to travel to come pick it up. Please let me know what you have.



Posted: 2016-12-12
30 foot Pacific Yurt  $21,000 with interior stuff
30 foot Pacific Yurt $21,000 with interior stuff Used Yurts 2016-12-08

I am selling my 30 foot Pacific yurt for $21,000. Please contact me for more information if you are interested. It is also listed on Craigslist Northcoast and that ad states everything that it comes with.


Posted: 2016-12-08
19 ft new authentic Mongolian yurt for the price of used yurt
19 ft new authentic Mongolian yurt for the price of used yurt New Yurts - Mongolian Yurts 2016-12-07

I have a new authentic Mongolian 5 wall yurt and selling it for the price of used yurt for $6,000. My yurt has 5 expandable lattice walls to connect and is equivalent to 19 ft diameter yurt. It is the most common sized and mainly used as living space in Mongolia. It has wool felt insulation. Mongolian yurt is the easiest to assemble and disassemble, designed for mobile nomadic people. Contact me for more info via email at
Brief info about Mongolian yurt:
The Mongolian yurt has hundreds of years of history and proven to stand at any natural disasters, such as strong wind, earthquake and flood. Its unique structure makes it adaptable to different climate. Mongolia is known for its nomadic life and harsh weather, thus Mongolian yurt is designed to be easily movable while persistent to any weather. It is famous for its no nail structure. Not a single nail is used to construct and assemble the yurt, yet it is the most sturdies yurt.
Single layer wool felt insulation will keep the temperature cool inside during the summer and double layer wool felt insulation will keep the temperature warm inside during the winter. Waterproof outer skirt can be tied up and the top crown can be opened up to let in airflow and natural light. Waterproof cover will keep the rain and snow out.

Posted: 2016-12-07
New 10.5 Geo Yurt $750
New 10.5 Geo Yurt $750 New Yurts 2016-12-06

New -Lodge-Tech 10.5 ft diameter, 9.5 ft high, DIY $750, you cut and drill 25 2x4's, Reg Yurt 10.5 $1,050 we supply the 2x4's,  Both include, upper vents, 1 screened window, 2 clear windows, 1 skylight, vinyl door, 1/8 or 1/4 inch thick galvanized steel hubs, 18oz vinyl cover-which can be painted to last far longer, Extra options available, Made in USA can ship anywhere. These are vastly stronger than regular type yurts, can handle 2ft of snow,  most of which slides off by itself, -can put a woodstove inside $80 option, and insulation paks $200, with a liner available for $375, (24ft Dia Dome $3600)-See website at




Posted: 2016-12-06
Ring and Rafters of Yurt
Ring and Rafters of Yurt Yurt Parts 2016-11-28

Hello, Interested in buying the ring and rafters only of a 24 foot or 30 foot Yurt. I will pay shipping.

Posted: 2016-11-28
16 foot Yurt
16 foot Yurt Used Yurts 2016-11-20

16' yurt available in Andover NY. Best reasonable offer. 

Posted: 2016-11-20
Smiling Woods Yurt Permanent wood yurt
Smiling Woods Yurt Permanent wood yurt New Yurts - Colorado Yurt Co. 2016-11-16

Hi, I have a brand new, in original packaging, smiling woods yurt. it is 30' diameter, has plans and engineering included. My family ran into some trouble and we will not be able to build the yurt. Paid 35,000.00 for it plus shipping. Will let go for 30,000.00, you need to ship it. I will help the trucking company get it loaded and find a forklift driver for you free of charge.

Posted: 2016-11-16
Pioneer princess wood burning cookstove
Pioneer princess wood burning cookstove Yurt Accessories 2016-11-12

Used Amish Built pioneer princess wood burning cook stove. Top and front loading, no reservoir, some dings/scratches, but works great. Used it to heat our 24 ft yurt in Michigan for 3 years. Buyer picks up/ships. Great stove, $1000

Posted: 2016-11-12
24 ft. Colorado Yurt
24 ft. Colorado Yurt Used Yurts 2016-11-08

For sale: 

24' Colorado yurt originally brought from Colorado to Guyton, Georgia. The yurt sits on a large wooden deck. The yurt is located at Greenbridge Farm, a small, sustainability-focused community of twenty-five wooded acres in Effingham County. There is a small, working farm in the community where you would have access to a wide variety of fresh, organic produce. 

There yurt is currently semi-furnished. It includes a bathroom-type sink and vanity, a large bookshelf, a desk and chair, side tables, round antique dining table, new claw-foot bathtub/shower, new toaster over and microwave, new refrigerator, and composting toilet (which we inherited--would need some minor repairs to function optimally). We could either negotiate a price for the furnishings, or could sell some or all of them separately to other buyers. 

The yurt is currently hooked up to all utilities. The only thing is is missing is a water heater, if desired. (It would require only a very small heater, which can be purchased at Home Depot or Lowes.) There are two air conditioning/heater units already installed. There is internet access, but you'd need to purchase a router. There is the option to install a septic tank/flush toilet as well (the landlord would be able to assist with this).

There are two options for purchasing the yurt:

1. You could purchase the yurt and leave it where it is at Greenbridge Farm. In this scenario, you would purchase and own the yurt, while leasing the land it stands on. You would pay modest rent and utilities to the owner of Greenbridge Farm. (You could also likely purchase the plot of land it sits on and work out an arrangement with the owner.) A family lives in a tiny house near the yurt.

2. Alternatively, you could buy the yurt and move it to another location. In this scenario, you would deconstruct the yurt and its foundational deck, and move it to a destination of your choice. The purchase would include the yurt and the deck, and some or all of the furnishings. 

The owner of the land where the yurt is currently situated is quite flexible with living arrangements/payment options. For example, you might be able to spend some time each week working on the farm in exchange for a reduction in rent. 

We are selling the yurt because we are moving to the northeast for work. The yurt and the property are truly cozy and have great potential. We are selling it for a great value. Get in touch via phone or email if you'd like further information or to schedule a showing! 

You can also contact the owner of the property directly for information about the sustainable community in which the yurt is currently located: Michael Maddox @ 912-667-1118.

Posted: 2016-11-08
FS: Lotus Flower Yurt – Authentic Mongolian Yurt (New)
FS: Lotus Flower Yurt – Authentic Mongolian Yurt (New) Used Yurts 2016-10-13

For sale is my Blue lotus Flower yurt. The yurt is 6 metres in diameter and is an authentic Mongolian Yurt which has never been used. The first 6 pictures show the lattice work (Khana) which hold up the 81 poles (Uni) to the central crown.

The covers and insulation have not been placed on the yurt to preserve them. I have included the final two pictures to show the layers of cover that are applied to the frame of the Yurt. There is a cotton layer for the roof to improve internal presentation, and an insulating layer which covers the whole yurt (last but one picture). A waterproof cover is then placed over to cover the whole frame in white (I can supply green covers at a later date if required or preferred).

Each yurt is made up of :

• Bagana – Central crown supports
• Uni – The Roof Poles, 81 poles per yurt
• Toono – The Circular Crown
• Khana – Expandable Lattice walls of the yurt (x5)
• Khaalaga – The personably decorated Doors
• An Interior cotton layer for roof
• Felt Insulation layer
• Waterproof Cover – a composite, 400gm/m²
• Crown cover
• Groundsheet, Ropes and straps

Once you purchase your yurt, we will give you a full tutorial on proper assembly. I can even help you put it up, going through the process with you in person for no extra cost.

I am available by email at for inquiries.

Price again will be $5,000 and that includes free delivery within US, international buyers are welcomed shipping will be negotiated.

Thank You all for viewing

Posted: 2016-10-13
16’ Yurt near Eugene Oregon $4K
16’ Yurt near Eugene Oregon $4K Used Yurts 2016-09-28

We have a 16’ Pacific Yurt for $4000. Lived in comfortably by an elderly woman and by many others along the way.

16’ diameter yurt with lattice interior framing
Includes foil bubble insulation wall lining
Seven windows screened with zip down fabric covers
Complete platform structure, interior floor is plywood
Includes dome with ceiling fan and cover includes solar arc
Functioning wood stove included

Small hole repairs of roof cover or replacement - about $1300 for new replacement from Pacific Yurt
Platform includes much reusable materials and concrete support pads, but many or most boards may need to be replaced

Buyer is responsible for disassembly, removal and transport. The yurt is in a community and labor assistants may be available for hire upon request!

This yurt has been a good home for many folks, but no longer serves as our site use needs have evolved. So it’s looking for a new home and residents for mutual benefit!

Posted: 2016-09-28
Brian Head Utah Yurt Dreams
Brian Head Utah Yurt Dreams Used Yurts 2016-09-20

Lovely 16-foot Pacific Yurt located on 1/2 acre Brian Head, UT lot. Yurt, Deck, Contents, and Lot are included in this price. This ready to use yurt was constructed in 2001 and has been improved with a snow and wind package. Yurt is in good condition, no major repairs are required, just minor maintenance.  Asking price for Yurt and Lot together is $35,000.00.

This yurt does not have running water or electricity. A 120 gallon propane tank is on the property and this feeds a space heater plus 2-stub outs for BBQ grill (outside) and stove (inside). Additionally, yurt has been wired for LED lights running on battery power.

The 1/2 acre lot has electricity and telephone (internet) supplied at the road. Water has to be supplied. Yurt has a composting toilet on the back deck and outhouse tent. Road is plowed in the winter.

Yurt is located about 100 feet from the road and might require snow shoes in the winter to access. Heater is sized for dead of winter warmth. Shower and bathroom are available at Brian Head Resort. This is the perfect getaway from the heat of summer, enjoyment of winter skiing, or year round nature break which everyone needs once in a while.

The yurt is set back from the road to allow space for a more permanent structure on the front of this property. There is plenty of space to build an Earthship or some other sustainable structure.

Posted: 2016-09-20
NEW unused 12ft diameter "sparrow" yurt from Rainier Industries $4,500
NEW unused 12ft diameter "sparrow" yurt from Rainier Industries $4,500 New Yurts 2016-09-12

discount for cash in hand.
accepts credit cards.

NEW unused 12ft diameter "sparrow" yurt from Rainier Industries

• All pieces are in crate (unpacked, unused)
• Hand crafted douglas fir frame and door with full light plexiglass window
• 113 square feet interior
• Precision cut multi-layered ring
• 1" x 2" perimeter wall posts for rafter support
• 19 oz. roof vinyl (the same roof fabric offered on premium Eagle model)
• 15 oz. vinyl laminated polyester wall fabric- Oatmeal color
• Raven style short windows with 20 mil clear vinyl
• Roof insulation with liner
• Wall insulation with liner
• Stainless steel and aluminum hardware
• A durable acrylic roof dome
• One person assembly
• Compact and transportable
• Semi-permanent or temporary installation with or without deck
• Crate dimensions are 39" x 42" x 96"
• The crate is heavy!

Posted: 2016-09-12
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