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24 foot yurt for sale $6,000
24 foot yurt for sale $6,000 Used Yurts 2016-01-27

I have two 24 foot Buffalo Mountain yurts for sale, these have never been put up and are in excellent condition. Each yurt includes 3 windows, two door frames, insulation kits, electrical kit including 12 outlets and a ceiling fan, and is lovely. They are tan in color with an ivory roof. I purchased three and ended up using just one. There is one set up in Pescadero California.

The company manufacturing them was a husband and wife team and the yurts are made beautifully. They are sewn on the bottom and can be installed directly on the ground, they are waterproof. Feel free to contact me with any questions. Thank you!


Posted: 2016-01-27
WANTED:  Buy established yurt on Oregon Coast
WANTED: Buy established yurt on Oregon Coast Used Yurts 2016-01-24

Need extra cash? Looking for 24' yurt or larger, with shower, toilet, electrical, kitchen on or near the Oregon Coast which includes land lease or purchase.  No hot summer areas!!  Cool coastal areas only.  Retired single person seeking inexpensive housing, preferably from older couple seeking additional income by selling off small parcel of land which includes yurt.  On Social Security no not a big budget to pay for land; cash offer for entire deal.

Open for option of renting during the summers (starting 2017) of June, July, August, September.  Responsible, reliable non-smoking person seeking respite from the furnace that is Arizona's summertime.

Will be in Reedsport, Oregon area June 30-July 14, 2016 (possible flexibility before/after) to view property.   Initial contact: email me at for serious inquries only. 


Posted: 2016-01-24
SOLD! 24 Ft. Pacific Yurt North Florida
SOLD! 24 Ft. Pacific Yurt North Florida Used Yurts 2016-01-22

24 foot Pacific Yurt located in High Springs, Florida, 32643. Near Gainesville and I-75.

The Pictures show it closed up for the season - I'll send better pics to interested parties.

French Doors in Front Panel in Rear Lockable

Snow/Wind Load Kit (Vertical Supports and additional cable)

Replaced acrylic dome last year with a custom made wood/fiberglass opening/closing dome

Skylight Arch

Four Windows with Screens and Clear Plastic covers

Water collection/drainage option

Front and Rear doors with steps lockable

Located at my house in the woods.

No utilities/plumbing/etc..

YOU must come and disassemble it with YOUR crew. I can provide guidance and minimal help.

PRICED right, considering you must take it down and transport it away.

$5000 USD

Posted: 2016-01-22
Leadville Backcountry Yurts - Leadville, CO
Leadville Backcountry Yurts - Leadville, CO Yurt Rentals 2016-01-13

Check out or find us on Facebook at Leadville Backcountry LLC for more information on this spectacular property in the heart of Colorado's high country.

Posted: 2016-01-13
24ft Pacific Yurt for sale $14,000 obo
24ft Pacific Yurt for sale $14,000 obo Used Yurts 2016-01-12

24' Pacific Yurt for sale! Currently erected in Woodinville, WA 25min outside seattle

My girlfriend and I are moving back East and can't take it with us. We lived in it for a year while we finished school and loved it! We want to sell everything as a package deal just for convenience but there's always craigslist for the odds and ends so if you don't need it all, don't feel obligated to take it all.

The Yurt:

24', tall wall upgrade, rain catchment with barrels, platform built to pacific yurt specs, 4 windows, skylight that opens, snow and wind kit, insulation upgrade with window inserts, uv screen windows, wood stove with flashing, insulated stove pipe ~15', front porch and screen door, free standing loft.

The Extras:

Wood stove, refrigerator, kitchen sink, full bathroom with vanity, toilet, corner shower (that actually fits!!), all counter and cabinets for the kitchen.

So when I built the yurt I did it with the idea in mind that it would have to be moved eventually so everything is screwed in place and removable including the free standing loft we use as a bedroom. The yurt is fully plumbed and wired. The bathroom and kitchen share a common wall so you can take one wall down and have the plumbing go with you for easy reassembly, all plumbing is 3/4" PEX. Also lots of leftover construction materials like PEX and Wiring can all go too!

So the price can be dialed down depending on what you guys wants to take, shoot me an email if interested and for more pictures!

Posted: 2016-01-12
30ft Custom Hand Built Yurt - Gerald, Missouri
30ft Custom Hand Built Yurt - Gerald, Missouri Used Yurts 2015-12-08

30' Custom hand built yurt, asking $10,000 OBO, it is comparable to a Rainer Eagle Yurt which sells for ~$25,000.

I designed and built this yurt in 2006-2007, it was erected in the fall of 2007.  It has 3 - 3'x4' Pella casement windows and a wooden half-lit door at the quarter points.  It has an interior natural colored denim fabric, a layer of single bubble insulation with reflective on both sides, and the exterior layer is 13oz PVC vinyl.  The dome is clear, can be raised ~4" on all side via a hand cranking, has a fan mount, and has a screen and cover.  The ring is made from steel painted black.  Rafters are 2"x6" douglas fir.  The door and window frames are made from ~4"x6" laminated douglas fir.  The lattice is made from ~1"x2" yellow pine. The deck is 2"x6" tongue groove yellow pine.  Includes a custom rope latter/tie down for the center.  The walls are ~7' tall and the center height is ~14'.  I also have all the documentation that I used to build it.

It needs a new PVC cover, the current one is leaking. The leak has stain the interior denim, may be able to wash and bleach it.  Dome has a crack, but not leaking.  It cracked due to the expansion of the steel, during construction.  Also one window has been sealed shut due to leaking.

Currently still standing, will help with taking down and loading.  Buyer responsible for transport

Link to construction video

Posted: 2015-12-08
Butte Fire Logs to Yurts Recovery Workshop
Butte Fire Logs to Yurts Recovery Workshop Yurt Workshop's 2015-12-02

Butte Fire Logs to Yurts Recovery Workshop


Learn to build, build to own

This is a fire recovery yurt workshop to be held for those who have lost homes to to the recent disaster in Calaveras County. The final date and location has not yet been set and is planed for January /February 2016. We are looking for a host location in the Mountain Ranch area with timber that can be processed on site to build yurts in a "Yurt Raising" (barn raising) style of community recovery project.

Hands on construction of yurt parts and assembly of yurts will take place. Practical, portable, self reliant yurt building / shelter skills will be the focus of this event. Actively participate in learning to build and live in a yurt.

Please register here for a yurt and subscribe below for the Logs to Yurts Recovery Project.

Posted: 2015-12-02
15 "Yurtz By Design" yurt for sale $4,500
15 "Yurtz By Design" yurt for sale $4,500 Used Yurts 2015-12-02
This yurt has a brand new roof and dome as well as reinforced windows and siding.
Specifications from Yurtz by Design:

  • All our domes are made of industrial strength acrylic.

  • A 6ft. diameter dome is standard in the 32ft yurt.

  • All domes open - the telescopic, stainless steel handle makes it easy to open and close for ventilation. This is not an optional extra.

  • All door glass is shatter-proof, not acrylic, and all French doors are handmade with finest quality Douglas Fir.

  • 7ft. is the standard height of all our yurts. This is not an optional extra.

  • Our exclusive, hand-sanded and stained pole rafters are stronger, and far more attractive than 2" x 4" rafters. These are standard in the largest model.

  • All stainless steel hardware is standard for a lifetime corrosion-free finish.

*shipping cost not included in price
Posted: 2015-12-02
Must sell-24
Must sell-24' Pacific Yurt-Many extras Used Yurts 2015-11-02

Located in Eastern Pennsylvania near Port Jervis, NY and NJ.  Available immediately!  Lots of windows & 2 factory awnings, double doors w/ awning, fixed dome, 2 ft. xtra wall height (loft possible), solar arc, top insulation, snow/wind stabilization pkg, instruction manual (2002), very good condition.  Package deal includes Fisher wood stove w/triple walled pipe, energy efficient refrigerator/freeer, custom cherry kitchen w/stainless sink, queen sleeper sofa, queen bed/box spring.  Road accessible; transport all w/truck & sm. flatbed trailer.  4 people can do it in a weekend with their own tools.  Move to your own foundation/floor.  $10,000.00 bank check or transfer.  Contact w/phone number & I'll call you right away.  

Posted: 2015-11-02
Rental Wanted
Rental Wanted Yurt Rentals 2015-10-25

We are looking for a long term yurt rental. Must have some electricity hookup and some option for water nearby. Furnished or unfurnished. I would prefer wood heat as propane is rather inefficient and expensive. 


Currently I am not particular about the location as I will be taking classes remotely starting in January. I have one child, age 7 and he has a service dog for medical issues. We are experienced 'back to the land' people and have been extremly happy with that lifestyle. I would hope to rent from soon-ish at least through most of the coming summer if not longer. I am hoping to pay in the area of $400-$500 a month. 

A yurt village would be ideal but I'm open to other options. 

Please email or call 509-341-4894


Thank you. 

Posted: 2015-10-25
Mongolia yurt
Mongolia yurt New Tents 2015-09-25

Hi all,
Actually I'm writing on behalf of my friend. He runs a small workshop based in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia that makes weatherproof, windproof coverings, inner curtains, smokehole coverings of Mongolian yurt. If you travel to Mongolia to buy yurt and ship to your home country or make online order to Mongolia to buy yurt, you can consider him as your trustful sourcing agent in Mongolia. We together can arrange your shipment from Mongolia. 
Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia

Posted: 2015-09-25
WeatherPort Yurts
WeatherPort Yurts New Yurts 2015-09-17

20’ Pacific Yurt For Sale – 2011


Well maintained.  Excellent condition.  One owner.  Non-smokers. Yurt has been  storaged at PODS - since Fall 2012.  Protected and hasn’t been moved since broken down.  

Currently located At PODS - Oxnard, CA.


·      Tall Walls

·      3 Doors – ½ Lite w/ Screen Doors.

·      5 Windows w/ screens and removable plastic “glass”.

·      Dome – Tinted and operable.

·      Insulation Kit – Walls and Roof.


Includes additionally:

·      Painted 1 1/8” Plywood Flooring (Bioshield Paint).

·      Sub Floor – 2X6 Joists & 4X6 Girders (Labeled & Numbered); Joist Hangers; Concrete Piers.

·      ¼” Plywood Skirt/Curb to retain lattice walls.

·      Morso 1440 Wood Stove; Flashing Kit; Metalbestos Pipe w/ Cleanout.

·      Add’l  building materials

·      Galvanized Roofing.

·      Add’l. Misc. Materials (Framing lumber, redwood 2X, 5’ fence posts and gate for garden.)

·      2 – Picnic Benches (Wood)*

·      Clothes Washer - Old School – Hand Crank*

·      Misc. Gopher basket for planting*

·      Steel Fire Ring*

·      Wood Benches*

·      Misc, yard tools – Rakes, shovels, etc.*



·      $12,000 – Includes all items listed above.


Original costs:

·       $12,300 –             20’ Pacific Yurt

·       $2000 -                Morso 1440 Wood Stove

·       $1000-                 Metalbestos Stove Pipe, chimney support, flashing kit, etc.           

·       $2800 –                Building Materials

·      $1500 -                  Accessory Items*

·       $19,600 +            Total Original Costs:   


Delivery available via PODS - Oxnard, CA.- Cost TBD * -  *(depending on delivery location)


Posted: 2015-07-12
Lovingly Restored Cast Iron Wood Stove-$1100
Lovingly Restored Cast Iron Wood Stove-$1100 Used Yurts 2015-07-02

I took apart, stripped, recoated and put back together this beautiful stove and used it to heat my yurt all winter. I love it but moved out of the yurt and am not going to use the stove for a long time, so I want to give someone else the chance to enjoy it.

14 inches wide x 30 inches tall x 32 inches long

Opening measures 9x7 inches

Has baffle—creates hot spot on top in front of pipe you can cook on.

Vents amazingly well—I usually left the door open, and any smoke from a new fire or wood never came out into the yurt, always was directed up the chimney.


Not only will you get a beautiful stove, it comes with everything else you could need:

-damper (6-in)

-8 ft of single wall stovepipe

-stovepipe screws, a rain cap

-a chimney brush to remove creosote so no chimney fires

-firewood holder, 

-2 pieces of cement board to insulate floor

-24 gauge steel to sit between stove and cement board

-extra polish and stove cement to upkeep the beauty and shine


Very heavy, need minimum 2 very strong lifters, or big dolly and ramp to get it in/out of a truck bed.

Ask and Ill send more pictures!

Posted: 2015-07-02
12 Ft. 4 Season Insulation Yurt--$5,900-Davis, CA
12 Ft. 4 Season Insulation Yurt--$5,900-Davis, CA New Yurts 2015-05-22

This 12 Ft. yurt has 4 Season Insulation, 2 windows, wood door; manufactured by Nomad Shelter in Homer, Alaska, it is a cozy

little home with skylights and stove pipe vent; email or call owner for more info:   530-400-2570

Posted: 2015-05-22
12 Ft. All Season Insulation Yurt--$7,900
12 Ft. All Season Insulation Yurt--$7,900 New Yurts 2015-05-21

This 12 Ft. Four Season Insulation Yurt was manufactured by Nomad Shelter Yurts in Homer, Alaska;

has wooden door, 2 windows, skylights and stove pipe opening; $7,900 OBO; email owner or call for details:     phone:  530-400-2570      located in Davis, CA

Posted: 2015-05-21
Pacific yurt center column system
Pacific yurt center column system Used Yurts 2015-04-02

I have a used 30 foot Yurt support column This system upgrades your rafters, rafter supports, center ring and hardware and adds a steel column support. Ideal for larger yurts in high snow or wind conditions, such as at ski resorts, or where engineered high snow load capacity is required. If interested please contact me very heavy pick up only Washington state.  This system retails for about $2000 Acepting fair offers

Posted: 2015-04-02
MUST SELL 24' Pacific Yurt Used Yurts 2015-03-06

 PACIFIC YURT, 24 ft. diameter,  on original camp site. Excellent condition.  Manual included, 2002  

BARE BONES:  $8000.00usd

v  Color is burgundy/purple for invisibility.

v  2’ extra wall height, heavy-duty tan top w/winter insulation. 

v  Awning over the French doors at single entrance.

v   2 large windows on each side of double doors fitted with awnings.  

v  2 vertical windows & 2 horizontal windows.  

v  Windows have screens, clear mylar covers attached with heavy velcro and storm flaps. 

v  Clear fixed dome at top center

v  Wind cables for strength

v  Vertical 2x4 supports in walls


ACCESSORIES :  add $3500.00  for full package

Ø  FISHER Cast Iron Stove – heavy duty, great condition

Ø  Triple-wall stove pipe and fire-safe set-up through the side for tall covered chimney.

Ø  Log bathhouse w/Sun-Mar composting toilet

Ø  Bathroom sink and plumbing; shower base, curtain & plumbing

Ø  Breaker box, electrical wiring, 8 singles outlet boxes

Ø  3 double light switches & wiring

Ø  Wide plank flooring


FURNISHINGS: add $2000.00 listed below

ü  Cherry custom kitchen cabinets w/stainless sink

ü  Hot water heater & plumbing hook-ups

ü  Energy efficient full size refrigerator/freezer

ü  Sofa w/queen pull out bed

ü  Queen bed frame, mattress & box spring


We will provide with above complete package:

o     Camp out at Lean-to Island for 1 night – bring your own crew

o    Private dock  w/swimming

o    Food for cook-out/picnic meals will be provided for 2 days.

o    Advice and direction for yurt disassembly - 2 days

o    Motorboat & fuel – people transport to site

o    ATV transport, fuel, trailer – yurt site to back dock

o    Coordinate barge transport to Upper St. Regis Landing – 1 day


WWe will work with your finances.  Contact us from here or call 518.327.3470 any time.

Posted: 2015-03-06
24 ft Pacific Yurt for sale--$9000
24 ft Pacific Yurt for sale--$9000 Used Yurts 2015-01-11

Hello, I am looking to sell my 24' Pacific Yurt located in Mendocino County, Northern California.

It was purchased in 2009 and set up on my family's property, and I have been the only owner.

It includes extras such as extra tall walls, both a regular single door and set of french doors, three windows, and a wind and snow kit (which is a must for windy areas and extra support). It also has roof insulation included (purchased from Pacific Yurts).

I still have the paperwork, extras and keys, along with flashing for a woodstove pipe installation. 

This yurt is in excellent shape, and has only been lived in by me. 

I am willing to negotiate on the price a bit depending on several factors. I am hoping to get $9000 for it by itself (you disassemble and pick up), and would be willing to include much of the fixtures such as the sinks, cupboards, Vermont Castings woodburner, and custom loft for $10,000 total. 


Posted: 2015-01-11
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